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Talents — 14.11.2020 — Reading time 2 minutes

Artist Patrons Wanted!

The world is full of opportunities, and we love to embrace them.
If you have an art-based project in mind for Flare Talents (ie. exhibitions, murals, etc) please get in touch via office@flaretalents.com

Many of our artists have incredible talent. Not all are always useful in the realm of advertising. Maybe your brand or company wants to invest in the realization of a non-profit movement or an art project? There is so much more to do than only sell.
Give voice to a cause you believe in. Support your favorite artist or art form.

Many of humanity’s greatest minds like Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Tesla, Michelangelo, and many more were supported in their genius by patrons. People who recognized potential and did their part in nourishing them. Even the brightest ideas need a budget to become reality. Finance, art, and innovation go hand in hand.

Only by visionaries from different fields, we can contribute to the realization of things thought to be impossible. There are many ways to encourage and support some of our Talents.

Big brands and companies like Lufthansa, Apple, Spotify, Red Bull, Mercedes, and many more have recognized the importance and value of supporting ideas and projects which they believe in. This also reflects perfectly on their image and the people gain a deeper insight into the values and moral compass which on the other hand builds trust.

We are excited to explore different projects and possibilities for cooperation that might not only look great in the end but also expand the borders of the status quo.

– Excellence Through Unity –