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Work — 14.11.2020 — Reading time 2 minutes

The Art Of Advertising

Advertising has changed, and it is constantly changing. This is the reason we at Flare Talents turn to the teachings of Lao Tzu seeking guidance and inspiration. The Chinese philosopher has written the Tao Te Ching and is the father of Taoism. The master of the flow state says: “Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

These words have helped our agency to conquer big and difficult projects. Through the power of a clear vision, a great concept, and ample preparations even the most complex tasks can be solved with ease, and mistakes can be almost completely eradicated. “The devil is in the details,” they say, and for many productions, this has been true.

Advertising has an enormous impact on our subconscious. This has been proven over and over again. But this does not make advertisements bad, it merely means we have to be aware of the power and responsibility that comes with working in the creative industry. Often it is us who decide for a majority of people what is perceived as “beautiful” and “desirable” and what is “ugly” and “unattractive”. We do tell stories but we also can hide some facts which don’t compliment our cause. In order to create advertising “with a soul” you need to build a moral compass – which will tell you when the sugar coating becomes straightforward lying.

Our mission is to emphasize the truth. Producing strong concepts, brandings, and productions for companies that don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, and who try to make an impact on the society and wellbeing of their customers. Make your customers your fans and let them experience the benefits of being a part of your movement.

Only through determination and a clear mind your next seasonal photo- and video shoot or your long postponed rebranding could turn out to be the next milestone in the journey of your brand.

We have seen Social Media not taking its role seriously and now the whole world and many governments stand before a problem of, maybe unsolvable magnitude. So let us embrace the power of advertising and never forget the responsibility we are carrying for this and future generations.

Let us produce beautiful stories, visuals, and products, which won’t be only pretty, but also true.