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Talents — 14.11.2020 — Reading time 2 minutes

Become A Talent

Many creatives turn to our agency for collaboration and management. It has been difficult sometimes defining our norms. We do believe there can be a guideline that can tell you if we belong together. Nonetheless, there is only one way to find out – through our Talent Form.

Talent is only the first step on a long journey of a professional creative. In our opinion a model is not only pretty, a photographer does not just have “the eye” for a good composition and designers don´t follow every annual trend. Your work must be an expression of yourself. The value you can bring to our agency is through being authentic and determined in your own style, in your own way.

We don´t even need to like what you are doing, but we have to be able to understand why you are doing it. Diversity is the key to a colorful palette of talents. If you can tell us why your work is the air you breathe, there is a high chance our paths will cross, one way or another.

Flare is a microcosmos of creative minds, hard workers, team players, enablers, incorrigible idealists, dreamers and realists, extroverts, and lone wolves. We value problem-solving thinking, honesty, and durability. “You are who you surround yourself with” is the cliche quote we love to focus on when the decision gets tough.

Believe in yourself, your work, and your talent. Even if we would decline, there is no reason for stopping what you are doing. Things change and maybe at another moment in time, we will have grown to understand the quality of your art.

So no matter if you are an in-front camera talent or performer, a photographer, designer, developer, artist, stylist, cinematographer, art director, copywriter, or any kind of creative mind, we are looking forward to hearing from you!